Sergino Destin – FC Barcelona injur blow Bayern Munich – LA Liga Table

FC Barcelona injur blow Bayern Munich

Sergino Destin on Friday. FC Barcelona brought up their new left-back, The right-back, Cesc Fabregas has been given a break after a year in the national team due to the injury of Paccelo Cancellara. Destin, 18, who represents the United States, is going to move into Barcelona from Ajax for a sum of almost 26 million Euros, Barcelona disclosed. Destin has impressed during his two weeks at the Barca academy and fans in Spain expect huge things from him.

 FC Barcelona injur blow Bayern Munich

Destin is a very tall and strong right-back who plays with a lot of energy. He can play either at left or right back and his passes are extremely good. Right now, he is training with the first team and proving himself really well. Sergino Destin is the son of an Italian international and he played for the U.S. National Team as well, so he already has some experience in big games and in international football.

barcelona injur blow bayern munich

Sergino Destin – FC Barcelona injur blow Bayern Munich

If Sergino Destin continues like this, then he may soon be wearing the number 30 jersey of the Spain national team. As mentioned before, he was already impressed during the first half of the season at Ajax, but he did have a poor game against PSV Eindhoven in the playoffs which cost him the chance to play in the cup final. Barcelona injur blow Bayern Munich.

However, he showed great qualities during the second half of the season with the Jalkapalloilla side and fans of the club hope that he will develop a lot more as a player. Certainly, he has been given a chance by FC Barcelona and all are sure to benefit him.

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