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The newest addition to the Ronald Koeman Riqui Puig UMT collection is the “utan” version. This watch is not actually a “Ronz.” Rather, it is simply a scaled-down version of the much more expensive designer “utan” watch that was introduced with the original “Ronz.” While it shares the same Swiss quartz movement that is found in the original models, it is priced to sell for less and due to the lower pricing on these watches, they are being sold at discount prices all over the world.

Ronald Koeman Riqui Puig Umtiti

So, how does it rate as one of the best and most affordable Ronald Koeman watches? In general, despite the lower pricing on these watches, you still get exactly what you expect out of a Ronald Koeman watch. From its clean and simple look to its Swiss movements and bezel set it has, you can’t really expect to get more out of one. It also comes with a matching bracelet and a choice of two different colors of leather strap or a classy stainless steel bracelet, which makes it perfect for those who don’t like to wear wrist watches while they are out and about.

Ronald Koeman Riqui Puig Umtiti

Ronald Koeman Instructed to Use Riqui Puig and Samuel Umtiti

If you are looking for a more affordable watch that still features a great-looking watch and a great guarantee, then the Ronald Koeman Riqui Puig UMT is probably the one that you are looking for. You can find it in many different locations online and in some stores, but it is still a great buy. For around twenty dollars, you get a watch that is hard to knock off and is still guaranteed for a lifetime.

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