Luka Modric Today Celebrates – 36th birthday – La liga Table

Luka Modric Today Celebrates - 36th birthday - La liga Table

Luka Modric represents Spain’s finest professional soccer player, currently the star player for Sporting de Portugal. The name Luka means “glory” in Portuguese, so it is fitting that Luka would enjoy the 36th birthday with his loved ones at Sporting Lisbon’s Centro de Leire. Sporting Lisbon was founded in 1950 and has quickly become one of the world’s most well-known and respected leisure complexes.

Built on the back of the massive Benfica stadium, Sporting is home to numerous high-profile business activities, such as hosting the Copa Portugal football tournament every year. Luka is a graduate of Sporting Lisbon’s famed academy, where he first earned a number of silverware and other honors, such as the European Golden Ball and Brazilian title.

Luka Modric Today Celebrates

Luka Modric Today Celebrates – 36th birthday

Today Sporting is home to many other notable personalities, including players like Diego Costa, Ramires, dandelion Carvalho. Luka is not expected to be making any more appearances for Benfica this season, but instead will likely be looking to score some goals for his countrymen at the Luka Modric International Soccer School, which is located in the Sintra region of Portugal.

Modric is currently in good form, having scored three goals in his last five games for Sporting Lisbon. With three goals already under his belt, the pressure will no doubt be on Modric to add to his numbers as soon as possible.

Luka Modric celebrates 36th birthday

Luka Modric Celebrates 36th birthday

Sporting Lisbon’s match against Benfica kicks off at halftime. If you are interested in purchasing a birthday cake, the main stand near the Benfica goal is open for business at noon, while the Sporting Cafe is open for dinner from noon until half-past three PM. This birthday celebrations event is sponsored in part by sponsorships from different companies and in particular by the famous advertising agency BBVA.

All guests are encouraged to bring a gift, however in case you have forgotten what you want to bring, don’t worry, as everyone at the venue is happy to provide whatever you might need. Thanks to Luka Modric, Sporting Lisbon will be hosting another birthday celebration next year.

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