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La Liga Winners Champions List On La Liga Table

The last season of the Spanish La Liga was not the kind of campaign that many people expected and to show their disappointment, there was a lot of harsh criticism thrown our Real Madrid fans. Despite this, Los Rojiblancos still managed to secure third place in the league which is above FC Barcelona and Real Sociedad. Despite that La Liga was no fun, this did not prevent Real Madrid from winning trophies, and in the seasons to come they will most definitely be contenders for the title. So if you want to watch the best quality football, then La Liga is the way to go.

La Liga Winners Champions List On La Liga Table

La Liga Winners. One of the major talking points in the season was whether or not Cristiano Ronaldo would leave, as many hoped he would. Despite reports in some national newspapers that he had finally decided to call it quits, he in fact insisted that he was happy at the club and even mentioned some of the other La Liga champions during his press conference. This is probably good news for the team because they are well aware that Ronaldo is the main man behind their success and has probably inspired a few of them to do well. After all, no-one wants to lose the favorite in the championship and it is clear that this team would do anything to retain him.

La Liga Winners Champions List

Barcelona finished fourth behind Real Madrid and Manchester United, but this was largely due to the brilliance of Robin van der Valk and the signing of Di Marchetti from Roma. Despite missing three games, the Blaugrana are still very much in the title race and have many things going for them including the confidence that they will win the next one against Racing. Also, David Beckham has made a return to his former team and is playing like a pro. Another reason why Barca are now favourites to win La Liga is because they have a very good goalkeeper in David Deangelo who is making mistakes that usually end in draws, not goals. If he keeps up this form then he will soon be a treasured icon at the Nou camp

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