La Liga fixtures Barcelona 2021/22

The fixtures for the second half of this season have not yet been confirmed, but if you look at the team that is part of La Liga and their success last season it is obvious that they will feature a lot of stars and the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, coolly curling the ball around the goal and making chances galore.

La Liga fixtures Barcelona 2021/22

It is difficult to say whether this team have what it takes to challenge for the title in a tough competition like La Liga. Some people think that a top club in Europe would automatically make a huge impact on the domestic scene and challenge for the title, but looking at the team themselves, I can honestly say that this season might be too much for them to win the league. With a number of heavy hitters missing form, I’m afraid the Catalans cannot pick up any more goals than they already have this season.

La Liga Barcelona 2021/22 fixtures

Another problem that has been facing La Liga this season has been the lack of goal scoring from the bench. This has been the case ever since Sandro Silva left the team and was replaced by David Silva. Despite making plenty of appearances, David Silva has not been able to replicate the same levels of form that he showed in his time at Valencia and his goal scoring record has also been poor. Both sides need a goalscorer and hopefully Robin van Persie’s return will kick start things positively for the Barcelona side. If not then the pressure will build up and if they do go down at the first break, expect the Gunners to bounce back and take all three points.

Barcelona 2021/22 fixturesLa Liga fixtures Barcelona 2021/22

This game also provides the three relegated clubs with a vital chance to prove themselves to the rest of the leagues and play as well as they can as promotion contenders. If they manage to win this fixture and other games against the lesser teams, then hopefully there will be an indication that the rest of the season is not going to be as difficult as some people may have assumed. We all want to see a Barcelona side win the league and go on and challenge for the title next season. Sadly the year is not going to end in any kind of fruitful way for either side.

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