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FIFA World Cup 2022

How the FIFA World Cup Qualification Processes Works?

The first fixture of the tournament is scheduled to be played on Sunday, September 2nd, at 16:00 CEST. This is the World Cup FIFA edition and is considered the opening game for the tournament. As with all tournaments that feature the countries participating, fixtures have been arranged through different FIFA authorized FIFA member associations. It has also been confirmed that the tournament schedule will continue for four years after the completion of the first match.

2022 FIFA WORLD CUP – latest Schedule

Four nations are involved in the competition for the hosting rights of the FIFA World Cup. Of these nations, only three have qualified from their group of nations qualifying to the first round of the tournament. Of these three only one team has a realistic chance of making it to the knockout rounds. That team is Morocco and they are in Group C along with Costa Rica, Brazil, and Germany.

The format for the knockout rounds is similar to the knockout phase of the Champions League. Four groups of three teams each will qualify for the knockouts, as decided by the FIFA World Cup Qualifying Pool. In the first round of the tournament, the home teams will receive a draw against the teams in their respective group, while the other teams will draw against each other in the first draw of the tournament.2022 FIFA WORLD CUP. The teams have an extra draw among themselves as well as an advantage when compared to the other teams.

The first round of the tournament is also divided into three different categories, namely the “PCA” or the Power Five conferences and the “LCA” or the Latin American teams. The knockout rounds of the tournament also feature the “Oceania” and” Caribbean” championships which are scheduled to occur concurrently with the 2021 FIFA World Cup qualification process.

The championship matches in this stage of the tournament feature the top teams from each conference and include the four lowest seeds from the qualification process as well as teams not qualified for the tournament.

After the completion of the knockout stage, there will be four teams left including the last two playoff participants. From these teams, the eleventh place will be awarded to the team coming from the lowest-ranked teams of each conference, namely the LMA and the CONMEBOL. The CONMEBOL is comprised of the most teams in the entire tournament, while the LMA is only made up of the countries that are members of the ITCC.

The ranking of these teams will determine which team will earn an eleventh place at the tournament. The eleventh place goes to the team with the most wins, although a team can only win two games to advance to the CED Cup, making this a highly competitive event.

If all goes according to plan, the next step in the tournament will be played during the autumn of this year. The exact date of the qualification process has not yet been finalized as of now. Only the schedules of the first round have been released, so the dates of qualification will most likely be released before September 1st. The FIFA World Cup committee has decided to work on improving the quality of the matches in order to prevent the problems encountered during the last few World Cups.

If everything goes according to schedule, then the first round of the FIFA World Cup will take place in the late fall of this year.

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World Cup 2022 Schedule

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